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About us

Due to quick company turnaround times and the need for more flexibility, there is an increased demand for short term accommodation. We have made it our mission to meet this demand in city centres and neighbouring areas. Living in diverse and local residential areas creates a sense of well-being, and offers a homely retreat, as well as being necessary for daily working life. Our solution to your living needs is a mile apart from the dull world of hotels, carelessly run bed and breakfasts, and furnished rooms in shared apartments.

Our apartments are in well selected locations. All apartments are owned and managed by us. Because of this, we place great value on them being central and as close as possible to public transport connections. As a result, we ensure that shops, restaurants and cafés are all in close proximity.

Our apartments are elegant, modern and provide all the necessary technical amenities. Before we lease a property out, we always ask ourselves: "Would we like to live there ourselves?" If we can answer this question with a "yes", then we will offer the apartment to our customers.

Experience tells us that our solution captures well the spirit of the time.

Our customers appreciate that.

Why choose YOUR PLACE?

  • Apartments in the best locations
  • Individual apartments
  • Elegant and modern facilities
  • Close to public transport
  • Free Wi-Fi and digital TV
  • Cleaning (approx. every 10 days)